Get Your CSCS Card with Cognitia


The CSCS card has become a mandatory requirement. In fact, it will be difficult for you to get a job or even enter a construction site without presenting a card.

Cognitia can help you achieve your Black CSCS Card, Gold CSCS Card and Green CSCS Card.

Under the CSCS scheme, all workers are required to take and pass a health and safety test. This is to ensure that every individual working in the field can properly respond when confronted with health or safety issues on a construction site.

Managers, business owners and directors are now required to hold a Black CSCS Card. Supervisors are now required a hold a Gold CSCS Card.

If you get a CSCS card, it serves dual purpose since it contains all your qualifications as well as your relevant personal information. It will also be easier for your employer to check on your records since all the information can be found in just one card.

The entry-level card CSCS card is a green labourer CSCS card, and anyone wanting to apply for one will need to take a course as well as passing the Health, Safety & Environment Test. The most popular course is the one-day Site Safety Plus: Health and Safety Awareness Course. The touch-screen test lasts around 45 minutes and will be done on a separate day to the course.